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June 14, 2011


A-kon was super crazy busy! <3 I was feeling especially run down this con which I attribute to the stress of finding out about a table 3 days before. Stress-out last minute prep due to 3 day warning. And the workload from the regular job because we are so drastically, PAINFULLY understaffed during the height of our busiest season.

Got to see familiar faces and meet new ones. :D I lament, LAMENT that I didn't take some time off to go see the other artists. There were so many, SO MANY artists I wanted to buy art from (I'd like to trade, but I'm not worthy!), and I felt so obligated with commissions that I didn't leave my table to wander until the last two hours of the con. Seriously, I didn't hit the dealer's room until the hour before it closed. TT___TT So much of my con traditions were broken. The con was surprisingly full of commissions, to the delight of all my fellow artists (and hopefully everyone who got exactly what they wanted).

The cosplay was likewise an interesting hodgepodge. Gone are the legions of ninjas and shinigami. Rather, one or two series didn't completely dominate the cosplay. I saw a lot of variety, hell, I saw like 5 Waldos alone. Lots of Grells, and impressive showing of Adventure Time as well as a rise in American comic cosplay. Lots of DC and some Marvel cosplay (especially Deadpool <3). A lot of Batman related cosplay (without that many actual Batmans). I enjoyed steampunk Wolverine and Deadpool.

A LOT more steampunk, which made me happy and sad. Happy 'cause I love steampunk, sad because almost no one looked at my steampunk jewelry or hand painted gun. I did sell some, thank you very much I hope everyone is very happy with their purchases. I will admit, I think lack of proper signage to indicate some steampunk available here, could also be at fault.

However, I don't think I'll hand paint a maverick for sell any time soon. I spent HOURS and HOURS of work into it. And while most people appreciated it, many didn't want to pay the price for my hard work. It looks different from other mavericks because the paint job was probably ranging 4-8 layers, not including the multiple finish layers to protect the paint job. Or the hand painted highlights and added steampunk bits. Sir, I hope you truly enjoy it, as it was much labor and love went into it. May you come up with a delicious history to explain the various battle scars and origins of how you and the gun survived (and triumphed).

Shout out to cool peeps: Thankyouthankyouthankyou, :iconalicechan: for sharing. Thanks for all your help :iconxanseviera:. Thank you for the help, and I'm glad you got a table :iconquatrina:. And I'm glad you got to split the table, :iconfrostyshark: (sorry we didn't get to see each other much). Hi hi and thanks for drawing in my book...ish. WE FOUND IT, btw. :icontachiik:. Nice to meet you :iconiceandsnow: I love your watercolors and subject matter for your prints. As always, purple lubs to :iconstarrydance:. Unicorn lub and sorry we didn't get to art trade, but we'll see each other again in no time, :iconjohnyume:. Barely got to see you at all but hope you did well, :iconwhiteoblivion:. Missed seeing you at your table, sorry, :iconebiru-zeru:. Thanks for fun button trades, :iconspizzy:. Hope you did well at your first A-kon :iconcurry23:. Hope you did well at your table, didn't get to see you much except in the room, :iconchrislea:. Sorry we didn't get to talk more, :icondreamgearstudios:. Looove the unicorn cellphone charm, :iconcinnamoron:. And to everyone else if I missed a shout out, I'll edit you in...I have a horrible memory. D:

I kept coming in late and didn't want to disturb ya'll in the room, I'm so sorry if I was loud. Spent 2 of the 3 nights sharing a bed. Spent one on the floor with a pillow...oops, forgot to ask for extra blankets. XD;;; Thanks, :iconxanseviera:, :iconmeomeoow:, :iconzimmay:, :iconchrislea:, :iconkiriska: for putting up with me as a last minute sub(ish) for :iconladre:. Also I'm sorry to you all because I wanted to buy stuff from everyone's table, but I didn't have time to do so. *regret!*

I slept 16 hours Monday. Fell asleep early Monday night and slept another 10-11 hours Tuesday. I was seriously wiped at the end of A-kon. Celebrated a quiet birthday with family. Got a neat black and white rice paper shogi screen for my apartment. :D And a super cute wee tiny cake. :D Yay, I'm old(er) now!

To everyone who commissioned me, thank you. I hope you got what you wanted and more. I'm especially grateful to give life (or at least my interpretation) to your OCs. I love doing OC work as you could probably tell. And to everyone who commissioned me and are still waiting for them, please be patient as I am working on them throughout the week and possibly into next week. But I'll mail them all out at once either at the end of this week or during next week. As mentioned, I will properly email/text/IM/CONTACT YOU beforehand to indicate it is en route.

Art Trade in progress with: :iconkuro-king-of-hell: (D: I'm sorry I got distracted by the costume!)
Current dA status: a hot mess, it's true
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A-Kon was fun, wasn't it? :3 I need to try steam punkk sometime.. Ah! But question!

I got a commission, buuuut I lost some of my cards/got them mixed up, so I'm not sure if I had gotten it from you.. OTL OTL
But I do remember the person I got it from said they would ship it to me when it was completed. SO~ I am trying to figure out who that person is. xD
..That was pretty vague, and not really a question. .___.

Umm, I guess what I'm asking is, are you still working on commissions? I'm kind of panicking trying to find the right person. >w<
It was fun and crazy and super busy. @___@ Steampunk is fun, I enjoy it.

Yes, yesh. I *AM* still working on it, it's on my second desk right now...the two Mikis (Vocaloid and Idol Master). They're singing with arms linked. Please don't panic, I'm sorry I'm so slow at getting these out. TT_____TT I planned to get them done in the first two weeks or so after the con, but work's been stupidly busy (and horrifically understaffed) that I come home and end up napping (I NEVER nap) and then, suddenly, it's the next day. >___>;;; But we've hired new people and they can actually do stuff now, so it's somewhat less stressful.

If you want, I can scan the pencils so you can see the wip, I'm sorry you're stressed, because I understand you did pay money and you DO definitely want to see the results of that. ^^;; Rest assured, you weren't forgotten or anything. I'm just slow.
Phew, okay! I was just worried because I wasn't sure if I had left your card at my sister's house, and then panicking because I would have no way of finding you, etc etc. But yay!! I'm so glad I still had it. :3

Oh, and I'm sorry if I sounded pushy!! I'm in no rush at all, feel free to take as much time as you need. :3 I understand it's a lot of work! <3

..I kind of want to see the progress, but I don't want to stress you out any more that you must already be. So no worries!! :3 As I said, take your time, I'm not panicking anymore. xD
JohnYume Jun 15, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I seriously did have the buttons in my pocket when I went downstairs and was all like, "jhahsdjdes" when I found them in my pocket before going to dinner that night D: I felt sooo bad! But yes, I'll see you at the next convention to do a proper trade ;u;
Lmfao no big. XD I just felt bad 'cause we were all excited to trade, but then the con peeps were all, "Pack it up! :O" But next con I'll have more stuff, so that'll help at least. x____x;

You doin' Afest?
DREAMGEARSTUDIOS Jun 15, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
It was great seeing you too and yeah I was beat after the con. It was really busy, each time I pass by or look down your way, you were always busy yourself. Which is a good thing. I hope to make it again next year. See ya soon!!
Aw, it was good seeing you too, although I'm sorry we didn't get to talk much. A-kon was KILLER this year. I think everyone can attest to that. Not that previous A-kons aren't, but still.

Cool, I hope we ALL make it next year. Are you going to hit up Animefest? I look forward to Afest 'cause I can catch up more with artists during that convention. XD Hope you got to rest up some after A-kon.
DREAMGEARSTUDIOS Jun 16, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Yeah it was crazy this year and yeah I pretty much dropped when I got home, a 12 hour drive back can do that to you. We'll see you at A-fest take care -Jeff
Dood, your drive is insane. I hope you made truckloads of money to offset the travel expenses. x____x Also, your son has grown so much! He used to be so we tiny. @__@

Cool, see you at A-fest! Take care yourself. ^^
DREAMGEARSTUDIOS Jun 17, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist's not that bad the van gets great gas millage and yeah kids grow up so fast. Take care I'll see you soon.
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